19 Feb

State of Mind Design : Embroidery

One of the things that sets State of Mind Design apart when it comes to embroidery is that it’s ALL done IN HOUSE, not our sourced. This is rare to find because most screen printing shops don’t have the equipment to do the embroidery right in house.  Due to them being able to do embroidery in house, they can offer their customers a quick turn around time, while keeping the high quality standards. Not only can they offer quick turn around times, they also have the ability to do small custom orders. Most places have a minimum order when it comes to embroidery, not State of Mind Design.  They can handle everything from small one of a kind projects to large corporate orders, all done in a timely manner.

They can work with your current logo or help you create something specifically for embroidery. They can embroidery on a large selection of items, such as t-shirts, polos, dress shirts, vests, jackets and much more! Not sure if embroidery is the right choice? Bring in your garment/apparel and Scott can help you figure out what would look and work best with your garment and artwork.



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