25 Aug

El Pequeno Colibri

You might be thinking who or what is El Pequeno Colibri? Let me fill you in 🙂 First and foremost El Pequeno Colibri is a online store that is fully committed to selling the highest quality, handmade Peruvian products. They offer a variety of products such as textiles, which include; fair trade sweaters, ponchos, coats bags. They also have an amazing selection of pottery, folk art and jewellery.

The reason that El Pequeno Colibri brings you these amazing Peruvian handmade items isn’t just to make a dollar. They do it to bring a meaningful way for people to make a living, while simultaneously preserving cultural heritage and making these incredible crafts available to you. El Pequeno Colibri could not pass up the opportunity to put the art in the spot light while also keeping traditions alive. All the products the El Pequeno Colibri sells are sustainably produced, and Eco-friendly.

Allison Ladd is the women who started it all! She spent many years living and navigating the corporate world, one day she just knew that she needed to get back to being the artist she was. Allison went head first into making her dreams become a reality, she returned to Harvard/Radcliffe and furthered developed her pottery skills. She started her own successful ceramics studio in South Carolina. She felt drawn to Peru in search of talented potters who could help support her production of pottery. As Allison has said, “within three days of her arrival in Peru, she was in love!”

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