9 Aug

Greener Portland Cleaning

Do you wish your office would use environmentally friendly, human friendly cleaning products? Look no further, Greener Portland Cleaning company is that place to go! Greener Portland Cleaning use nontoxic, biodegradable products that leave the place sparkling and is safe for everyone! Some examples of the products they use are Simple Green, Parsley Plus, along with Totally Green Glass Cleaner. If you’ve got one stubborn stains they have a product for that, Incredible Pink which happens to be made right here in Maine!

They are very committed to going above and beyond to provide a superior cleaning services. Not only will they come and clean your commercial building, they’ll let you pick and choose what you’d like them to clean! They cover the basics;

  • Vacuuming
  • Waste removal
  • Dusting
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Surface Disinfecting
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfecting

BUT if you’d like, they can also take care of the following;

  • Dish washing
  • Checking & refilling toiletries
  • Elevator disinfecting
  • Stairway cleaning
  • Appliances cleaning and disinfecting
  • Refrigerator clean out
  • Window spot-cleaning
  • Carpet spot-treatment

Having a tough time convincing the boss to switch to a green cleaning service? Give Greener Portland Cleaning a call and they’ll come over and give you a free estimate! It may be the little push that the boss needs.

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