23 May

Daily Nanny App

The Daily Nanny is an app that you can purchase at the app store on your phone. It is an app that is designed for parents and nannies. One account covers a whole household and has unlimited access for additional parents/guardians. This app gives you a comprehensive view of what your kids are doing while you are away. A daily news feed provides an overview of your childs’ activities, as well as all the data that was tracked, messages that were exchanged, and photos that were shared. This app lets you exchange messages, share photos, store information, and track the daily activities in one convenient location so everyone can be up to date. It even allows parents to track hours and overtime. The Daily Nanny app gives you all of the data you need, along with fun information that you crave about your children’s care and daily activities all in one place. This app is free for nannies but is $4.99/month for parents. To learn more or to simply download the app, then visit at www.dailynannyapp.com.

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