22 Feb

El Pequeno Colibri

El Pequeno Colibri the Little Hummingbird Art is an online store that is committed to selling the highest quality, handmade Peruvian items. We selling anything from textiles, pottery, to jewelry. We are committed to fair trade and supporting the traditions of artisan culture. Art will continue to connect us and bring us beauty and joy in this rapidly changing world. All of our orders ship from the US and please note that our inventory is handmade so many products sell out fast. Also, if you have any specifications on how you would like your items wrapped or specific mailing instructions please let us know. We want to ensure that everything is wrapped just right for a safe delivery that does not result in breakage as well as a beautiful presentation.

El Pequeno Colibri was created out of the need to support a connection between commerce and vibrant cultural art. Owner Allison Ladd, rediscovered her passion of ceramic art and infused her talents and business expertise to run a successful business. She opened her own pottery studio in South Carolina before she relocated to Peru. Peru is where she remains living and working with local artisans. The store features designs and work that is done by Allison as well as many local Peruvian artisans. El Pequeno Colibri means “the little hummingbird” which signifies the universal symbol of joy as well as mixing a little Peru in the title because hummingbirds are found every where in Peru. To learn more or check out our inventory, visit our website at www.elpequenocolibri.com or contact Allison at info@elpequenocolibri.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more information as well too!

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