8 Dec

Abracadabra Productions: Holiday Parties and Corporate Events

It’s that time of year where holiday parties are happening left and right. Employers’ want to make their employee’s feel great about working for them and what is better than having a magician there to conjure up some flare for your evening. Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions is now preforming magic shows in the Boston area. Phil Smith is a great magician with years of experience, he offers two different party packages that work great for your schedule and your budget. Phil Smith does holiday parties for businesses and also entertains for corporate events as well. Magic creates a different experience than the typical one when it comes to holiday and corporate parties. By having something different for your holiday/corporate event, it lets your employee’s know that they are appreciated and it is a good way to have a laugh and minimize stress. We all know that the holiday season can be stressful so having a magical experience for your employee’s is a beneficial way to minimize the stress during the season. Contact Phil Smith to book your event!