18 Nov

Women Taking the Lead podcast for Entrepreneurial women

Women Taking the Lead is a podcast that is owned and operated by Jodi Flynn. Her podcast blog is interviews featuring highly successful women who want to share their journey of success with others. Women Taking the Lead podcast is a podcast that is essentially like free virtual mentoring. Jodi’s goal of Women Taking the Lead is to inspire women from humble beginnings to overcome their self-doubt so they can lead with confidence, integrity, and their sense of humor. These mentors know the way and go the way, to teach you the way to find your own success. Nothing is greater than achieving success, and there is no better feeling than achieving your own success. This podcast offers a unique opportunity to listen to what is on the mind of successful women leaders. Some podcasts talk about what their wake-up calls were, how they developed their leadership style and what they are doing to continue advancing themselves as leaders within their own organizations and as entrepreneurs. This podcast helps listeners discover their own voice to really ask for what they want and turn the set-backs into critical moments for change. This podcast really makes you realize the power of mindset in finding their own success and develop or enhance their leadership style. This podcast also helps to set goals to fulfill careers, businesses, and lifestyle! There is very successful women in the world and they are very powerful, learning about success from them is what helps people be motivated. Since Women Taking the Lead has launched, it has quickly become the #1 position in iTunes New and Noteworthy in three different categories: Business, Careers, and Society and Culture. Check out Women Taking the Lead.com podcast via iPhone, Android, or from the iTunes store, if you would like to encourage your own success or maybe even learn a few different tricks or two.

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