3 Apr

Full Court Press Printing Company

Full Court Press is a printing company that is located in Westbrook, Maine just outside of Portland, Maine. They offer printing services for commercial businesses. Some of their services include:

  • Color Copies
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Black and White Copies
  • Booklets
  • Business Cards
  • Business Forms
  • Catalogs
  • Envelopes
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Letterhead
  • Manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Programs
  • Stationary
  • Tickets
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Yard Signs

They offer all of these services for an affordable price as well as getting your items printed in a timely manner and have them look presentable. They are the printing company to use for your next printing need. No job is too big or small for Full Court Press! To learn more about Full Court Press then be sure to visit them at http://www.fullcourtpress.biz!

27 Feb

Serious Black German Shepherd

Serious Black German Shepherd is a Maine State Inspected breeding kennel facility that sells solid black German Shepherd puppies. Our dogs that we breed are from old Czech Border Patrol lines and the best IPO/Sch competition lines. Our goal is to produce some of the best working line black German Shepherds available anywhere. We obtain our adult dogs that we breed from national and world IPO competitors. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (207) 595-0536 or email us at kebgsd@gmail.com. To learn more visit us at www.seriousblackgermanshepherds.com.

27 Feb

Dental by Design

Dental by Design is a general/cosmetic dentistry service provider. Dental by Design has the latest technology so it is quicker and easier for everyone to get the right dental services. We offer oral surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, sedation dentistry, periodontics, and endodontics. For cosmetic dentistry, we offer crown lengthening, teeth whitening, 3/4 porcelain crowns, one day porcelain crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and white fillings. Our office is located in Newington, New Hampshire. We offer these great services to surrounding Southern Maine towns and to towns near Newington, New Hampshire. We are committed to providing the best dental service to you in a stress-free environment. We want everyone to have the most effective dental visit. If you are looking for an effective, stress-free dental office that provides a solution to your dental needs then call Dental by Design at (603)431-4601 to set up an appointment! Or visit our website at www.dentalbydesign.com to learn more about us, what we offer, and our practices.

22 Feb

El Pequeno Colibri

El Pequeno Colibri the Little Hummingbird Art is an online store that is committed to selling the highest quality, handmade Peruvian items. We selling anything from textiles, pottery, to jewelry. We are committed to fair trade and supporting the traditions of artisan culture. Art will continue to connect us and bring us beauty and joy in this rapidly changing world. All of our orders ship from the US and please note that our inventory is handmade so many products sell out fast. Also, if you have any specifications on how you would like your items wrapped or specific mailing instructions please let us know. We want to ensure that everything is wrapped just right for a safe delivery that does not result in breakage as well as a beautiful presentation.

El Pequeno Colibri was created out of the need to support a connection between commerce and vibrant cultural art. Owner Allison Ladd, rediscovered her passion of ceramic art and infused her talents and business expertise to run a successful business. She opened her own pottery studio in South Carolina before she relocated to Peru. Peru is where she remains living and working with local artisans. The store features designs and work that is done by Allison as well as many local Peruvian artisans. El Pequeno Colibri means “the little hummingbird” which signifies the universal symbol of joy as well as mixing a little Peru in the title because hummingbirds are found every where in Peru. To learn more or check out our inventory, visit our website at www.elpequenocolibri.com or contact Allison at info@elpequenocolibri.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more information as well too!

22 Feb

Greener Portland Cleaning, LLC

Greener Portland Cleaning, LLC is the cleaning business you want to clean your commercial properties. They are reliable and committed to providing superior services. They offer customizable cleaning services in the greater Portland area. Greener Portland Cleaning uses nontoxic, biodegradable, highly effective cleaning products to ensure that our clients are in the cleanest environment. We offer vacuuming, waste removal, dusting, sweeping, mopping, surface disinfecting, bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, as well as add-on services. Our add-on services include dish washing, checking and refilling toiletries, elevator disinfecting, stairway cleaning, appliances cleaning and disinfecting, refrigerator clean out, window spot-cleaning, and carpet spot-treatment.

Our products that we use include Simple Green, Parsley Plus, Totally Green Glass Cleaner and for our toughest stains we use Incredible Pink that is locally made right here in Maine! So if you are looking for a commercial cleaning business that is reliable, and guaranteed to exceed your expectations then give Greener Portland Cleaning, LLC a call and they will give you more information and free estimates. Greener Portland Cleaning always ensures that your unique cleaning needs are provided and constantly met so that you can focus on the success of your business while in a clean, nontoxic, comfortable environment. You can contact us at (207) 632-6323, info@greenerportland.com, or visit our website at www.greenerportland.com to submit a quote!

22 Feb

Corporate Training Entertainment Magician

Are you looking for a way to get your point across in a way your employees will remember? Abracadabra Productions offers corporate training entertainment that combines magic illusions, tricks, comedy, audience interaction & participation, and brainstorming activities, into a fun presentation that focuses on teamwork/team building, customer service, sales, and most important of them all, safety! Abracadabra Productions will help boost your employees and co-workers morale. By adding this unique approach to training day(s), it will help make it go by faster as well as creating some fun while learning. No one wants to sit through the same old boring training meetings, everyone knows that it is sometimes no fun. Phil has designed two slightly different presentations on personal protective equipment for Pike Industries in which he has presented 9 different times at two different locations in Waterville and Lewiston. Everybody was happy and loved the unique approach to safety that had a little wizardly spice to it. Contact Abracadabra Productions today to set up a date that coordinates with your corporate training.

1 Feb

Gelinas HVAC Services

Gelinas HVAC offers a/c, plumbing, heating, and heat pumps for residential and commercial purposes. It is crucial to have these things in your home or business so that it is comfortable and safe. Gelinas will help you maintain your current system or they can upgrade it to all new equipment. Gelinas is very dependable, and they will listen to your needs as well as accommodate your budget. They deliver the most efficient and suitable products for the job. They offer 24/7 emergency service just in case something happens at an inconvenient time. We strive for top quality service each day and our phone staff will listen to exactly what your needs are so they can schedule your service promptly and efficiently. Gelinas treats your home or business as if it is their own which means that they respect your occupants and pets, and maintain a thorough clean-up standard. They are always happy to have one of their HVAC specialist meet with you and discuss your system and offer you solutions to the problem. Gelinas HVAC has some of the best technicians in the area. The experience gives them the ability to understand exactly what is going on with your system and guide you in the best options for your system. Gelinas offers only the highest quality products and ensures that each technician is expertly trained on each product we offer. State of the art products combined with expertly trained technicians means that you receive the best results. Contact Gelinas HVAC for great plumbing, heating, or a/c services!

1 Feb

Morrison Real Estate

Morrison Real Estate is a service-orientated agency and can provide clients with a select group of tradespeople who can provide exceptional service, as well as a vast number of referrals for your homeowner and community needs. We consider ourselves your lifelong real estate partner and a resource you can count on. Morrison Real Estate has 30+ years of experience so they can talk and walk you through home transactions. Home transactions are emotional by nature and you want to make sure you purchase the right place for you. We like to keep your best interests a top priority. Morrison utilizes up-to-date technologies and digital resources to reach out to buyers and sellers online where they are doing research.  We understand that the internet plays a critical role in the real estate business. Morrison Real Estate Brokers are Southern Maine residents who play an active role in their communities. They look forward to sharing the special area with you and will help you get to know your community so you can feel at home as well. Contact Morrison Real Estate to get information on new listings throughout the Southern Maine area!

8 Dec

Abracadabra Productions: Holiday Parties and Corporate Events

It’s that time of year where holiday parties are happening left and right. Employers’ want to make their employee’s feel great about working for them and what is better than having a magician there to conjure up some flare for your evening. Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions is now preforming magic shows in the Boston area. Phil Smith is a great magician with years of experience, he offers two different party packages that work great for your schedule and your budget. Phil Smith does holiday parties for businesses and also entertains for corporate events as well. Magic creates a different experience than the typical one when it comes to holiday and corporate parties. By having something different for your holiday/corporate event, it lets your employee’s know that they are appreciated and it is a good way to have a laugh and minimize stress. We all know that the holiday season can be stressful so having a magical experience for your employee’s is a beneficial way to minimize the stress during the season. Contact Phil Smith to book your event!

18 Nov

Women Taking the Lead podcast for Entrepreneurial women

Women Taking the Lead is a podcast that is owned and operated by Jodi Flynn. Her podcast blog is interviews featuring highly successful women who want to share their journey of success with others. Women Taking the Lead podcast is a podcast that is essentially like free virtual mentoring. Jodi’s goal of Women Taking the Lead is to inspire women from humble beginnings to overcome their self-doubt so they can lead with confidence, integrity, and their sense of humor. These mentors know the way and go the way, to teach you the way to find your own success. Nothing is greater than achieving success, and there is no better feeling than achieving your own success. This podcast offers a unique opportunity to listen to what is on the mind of successful women leaders. Some podcasts talk about what their wake-up calls were, how they developed their leadership style and what they are doing to continue advancing themselves as leaders within their own organizations and as entrepreneurs. This podcast helps listeners discover their own voice to really ask for what they want and turn the set-backs into critical moments for change. This podcast really makes you realize the power of mindset in finding their own success and develop or enhance their leadership style. This podcast also helps to set goals to fulfill careers, businesses, and lifestyle! There is very successful women in the world and they are very powerful, learning about success from them is what helps people be motivated. Since Women Taking the Lead has launched, it has quickly become the #1 position in iTunes New and Noteworthy in three different categories: Business, Careers, and Society and Culture. Check out Women Taking the Lead.com podcast via iPhone, Android, or from the iTunes store, if you would like to encourage your own success or maybe even learn a few different tricks or two.