23 Aug

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Have you replaced your hot water heater? Have you considered getting a heat pump hot water heater? If you haven’t here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider it. When compared to electric, tank-style hot water heaters, hot pump water heaters can “save a four-person household more than $3,000 over ten years.”

Not a lot of people are aware of this new technology, heat pump water heater, also known as “hybrid hot water heater”. These new systems use heat pump technology along with electric heating parts so they can deliver hot water when necessary. One amazing benefits to these units is their ability to dehumidify the space they’re in!

Is your hot water system 10 years old or more? You might want to consider replacing it with a heat pump hot water heater. If you live in Maine you’re in luck! As a Maine resident you can take advantage of a $750 rebate when you invest in a heat pump hot water heating unit and save more than $3,000 in savings over it’s lifetime.

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