9 Feb

ABC Spectrum Preschool

ABC Spectrum Preschool is a preschool located in New Jersey. They serve children from infants and toddlers to kids old enough for kindergarten prep. At this school they implement the HighScope developmental approach to learning. Using this approach, the kids are active learners supported by adults. To learn more about the HighScope approach please feel free to visit their website here.

In addition to their full day and half day preschool programs, ABC Spectrum Preschool gives their parents the options of eight different programs to choose from. They offer a mommy & me program, which are 1 hour sessions for the parent & toddler. During this program they explore language stimulation, motor activities, music & active exploration are incorporated with the security of the child’s primary caretaker.

They also offer a Infant & Toddler programs which is designed for kids from the age of 3 months to 24 months old. They offer the program in 12 or 10 month full day schedule. In this program each kid has a separate playing and sleeping area. While in this program the child will focus on daily care, developmentally appropriate materials & activities as outlined in each child’s individual growth plan.

The Play Group program is offered exclusively to 2 year old kids. It is a 10 month, half day program that focuses on the first school experience, offering up new opportunities to encourage the kids to feel relaxed and comfortable in a new social setting. A goal of the playgroup is to assure each child experiences success. The playgroup program emphasizes preparing each child for preschool the following year.

If you’re feeling like you children needs some extra play time the My Gym of Manalapan’s Mobile Fitness After School Program offeres 8  to 10 weeks of after school sessions through out the entire school year. The program is designed to encourage a healthy and fit way of life, all within a positive environment. What a great way for the students to keep fitness and fun a priority as they participate in a variety of cooperative games, gym relays, and sports skills.

These programs outlined above are not all that ABC Spectrum Preschool has to offer. They also have summer camps and other activities for your children. If you’re in the Manalapan, New Jersey area and looking for a preschool, check them out.

24 Jan

Trade Show Magician

Are you looking to drive a significant amount of traffic to your next trade show booth?

Phil of Abracadabra Productions can do just that. He has preformed over thousands of amazing magic shows through out Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

How does he drive more traffic to your trade booth?

Well, weaves your business’ key marketing messages using tricks and illusions to make sure people remember YOUR business.

Business is not only driven to your trade booth by his tricks and illusions; business is driven to your booth by the uniqueness of a marketing strategy. If you think about it, the same old marketing strategies get old. No one wants to see the same old pretty face or see the list of reasons on why they should pick your business. They want to see something they have never witnessed before, that is why Phil of Abracadabra Productions should be your top pick when it comes to helping your trade booth needs. He will be sure to have the crowd hooting and hollering.

If you have a trade show event that is coming up that is in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island area, be sure to contact Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions. Follow this link to learn more about making your next trade booth memorable and magical!

15 Dec

Custom Screen Printing

Custom Screen Printing

State of Mind Design is a screen printing and embroidery business located in Portland, Maine. Their services are a one of a kind and they offer prices you just can not beat. State of Mind Design specializes in custom screen printing services to meet any need on a wide variety of items that include …

  • t-shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • tank tops
  • athletic wear
  • uniforms
  • and more!

They are more than happy to work with your artwork and ideas to help you design the perfect look that suits your need. Screen printing is very versatile and volume based process that can be used on all types of materials from apparel to speciality fabrics and projects.

Some great money saving tips and ideas are …

  • limiting the number of colors in a print
  • limiting the number of locations we print
  • order in bulk
  • order lighter colored garments

To learn more, visit state of mind design at www.stateofminddesign.com.

15 Dec

Abracadabra the Corporate Magician

The Corporate Magician

Are you looking for something to make your corporate party/gathering different? Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions can do just that. He is a great magician, comedian, corporate magician, illusionist and entertainer, that has many years of experience. Phil performs marketing miracles at trade show booths and corporate events in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He uses his unique illusions to incorporate a companies band message. Not only does he preform for trade shows, he also is available for …

  • Weddings
  • Kids Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • House Warming Parties
  • Clam Bakes
  • Blue & Gold Banquets
  • Brownie Events
  • Bat Mitzvahs
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Charity Functions
  • Summer BBQ
  • School Fund Raisers
  • Boy Scout Events
  • Girl Scout Events
  • Company Meetings/Outings
  • Christmas Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Picnics
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Family Gatherings
  • School Events
  • Cub Scout Events
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Sales Meetings
  • Halloween Parties
  • and more!

The next time you are looking for some entertainment that will be sure to have everyone in awe, consider Phil Smith the Corporate Magician. He is the magician, illusionist, and comedian in Maine, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts area.

7 Dec

Dirt Direct

Dirt Direct is a trucking and delivery company that is based out of Gorham, Maine. They specialize in bulk aggregate and landscape material delivery. Dirt Direct takes the hassle out of ordering bulk aggregate and landscape materials. With this service, it will allow you to save time and money on your projects. They provide online tools that allow you to figure out how much you need to provide you with a convenient online ordering system.

Dirt Direct offers a wide variety of services that include:

  •  General Trucking
  •  Debris Disposals
    • Concrete, Soil, Stumps
  •  Landscape and Aggregate Material Delivery
    • Landscape Materials – Mulch, Loam, Compost
    • Aggregate Materials – Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone
    • Winter Materials – Salt Sand, Bulk Road Salt
  •  and more!

Dirt Direct services Southern Maine areas within a 20 mile radius of Gorham, Maine. They can do deliveries that are outside of the 20 mile radius, it just might cost extra though. To learn more, visit at www.dirtdirectme.com.

15 Nov

Spinglass Management Group, LLC.

Spinglass Management Group, LLC is a leading regional business advisory firm made up of passionate professionals that focus on establishing relationships that create value. They recognize that organizational challenges are holistic and multi-disciplinary, and solving organizational problems requires perseverance. Whether they are working with a start-up or turnaround, healthy or not, we strive to make a difference. Clients of theirs benefit from their energy and integrity. Spinglass Management advises boards, management, investors, law firms, and the entrepreneur. Their services are about their client’s needs and strictly to help their clients. Spinglass offers services such as:

  • Turnaround, reorganization, and distress
  • Bankruptcy support
  • Trustee, receiver, and chief restructuring officer
  • Interim and crisis management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategy, planning, and financial analysis
  • Lender services and collateral review
  • Fraud and forensic accounting
  • IT integration and support
  • Web development and marketing
  • eCommerce consulting

To learn more, visit Spinglass Management at www.spinglassllc.com!

18 Sep

Full Court Press : Color Copies

Some people may think that getting color copies are too expensive and isn’t worth it. Full Court Press offers high quality, affordable color copying. Don’t let your hand outs or info sheets look boring and drab, spring for the color copies! Color copies can have a very large impact.

Having things in color can make them pop and can also make them easier to read! Make certain things stand out with some added color, make those images stand out and grab people’s attention!

28 Aug

Small Biz Lawyers

Starting a business is an exciting time, seeing your dreams come true! Although it is an exciting time, it can also be a little overwhelming and perhaps a little complex. Between figuring out what you need to do to register your business, not to mention all the licenses and permits you may need depending on your business. Having a small biz lawyer can be a really big help!

Not only do small biz lawyers help people starting a new business, they can also help people looking to expand their current business. Finding a reliable, trust worthy lawyer can be a process in itself, The Cope Law Firm has 30+ years of experience with business law. They can  help people and businesses of all sizes with a wide range of services. Some of these include; Commercial and civil litigation, Business formation and advice, Due diligence, Financial investment counseling, Contract review and development, Breach of contract, Buy and sell agreements and Shareholder disputes.

If you’re looking to start a business, that is The Cope Law Firm’s specialty! The experienced lawyers at the firm will take the time to review your business plan, they will offer advice in a number of areas. They’ll advise you on all issues that are in involved in forming and maintaining a business. This includes potential liability, corporate entity information and how to structure your taxes. After they have guided you through the process and your business is established they will continue to help you grow. They will offer advise on insurance coverage, investment strategies and corporate compliance issues. Don’t wait and potentially get yourself in some hot water, hire a small biz lawyer today!

25 Aug

El Pequeno Colibri

You might be thinking who or what is El Pequeno Colibri? Let me fill you in 🙂 First and foremost El Pequeno Colibri is a online store that is fully committed to selling the highest quality, handmade Peruvian products. They offer a variety of products such as textiles, which include; fair trade sweaters, ponchos, coats bags. They also have an amazing selection of pottery, folk art and jewellery.

The reason that El Pequeno Colibri brings you these amazing Peruvian handmade items isn’t just to make a dollar. They do it to bring a meaningful way for people to make a living, while simultaneously preserving cultural heritage and making these incredible crafts available to you. El Pequeno Colibri could not pass up the opportunity to put the art in the spot light while also keeping traditions alive. All the products the El Pequeno Colibri sells are sustainably produced, and Eco-friendly.

Allison Ladd is the women who started it all! She spent many years living and navigating the corporate world, one day she just knew that she needed to get back to being the artist she was. Allison went head first into making her dreams become a reality, she returned to Harvard/Radcliffe and furthered developed her pottery skills. She started her own successful ceramics studio in South Carolina. She felt drawn to Peru in search of talented potters who could help support her production of pottery. As Allison has said, “within three days of her arrival in Peru, she was in love!”

23 Aug

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Have you replaced your hot water heater? Have you considered getting a heat pump hot water heater? If you haven’t here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider it. When compared to electric, tank-style hot water heaters, hot pump water heaters can “save a four-person household more than $3,000 over ten years.”

Not a lot of people are aware of this new technology, heat pump water heater, also known as “hybrid hot water heater”. These new systems use heat pump technology along with electric heating parts so they can deliver hot water when necessary. One amazing benefits to these units is their ability to dehumidify the space they’re in!

Is your hot water system 10 years old or more? You might want to consider replacing it with a heat pump hot water heater. If you live in Maine you’re in luck! As a Maine resident you can take advantage of a $750 rebate when you invest in a heat pump hot water heating unit and save more than $3,000 in savings over it’s lifetime.