30 Apr

Junk Removal

Spring is finally here! You know what that means, it’s time for some spring cleaning! We have super busy lives and sometimes can’t always find the time to take that trip to the dump. Have no fear, Casco Bay Cleanout are here for all your junk removal needs. The junk removal experts at Casco Bay Cleanout can handle a number of jobs and items. Whether you’re cleaning the yard and have a bunch of debris that you need to get rid of, or maybe you bought a new oil furnace and need to get rid of the old rusted one. No matter the job Casco Bay Cleanout is your answer.


Just in case you haven’t got the picture đŸ˜‰ Here’s a list of specific services they offer;

  • Garage, Basement and Attic Cleanout
  • Complete House and Apartment Cleanout
  • Hoarding Cleanout
  • Appliance Removal
  • Furniture Removal
  • Brush and Storm Debris Removal
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Demolition Services
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Carpet Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Oil Tank and Furnace Removal
  • Confidential Destruction Services

One of the things that makes Casco Bay Cleanout so versatile is that they have a wide range of vehicles and trailers to suite your needs. At their disposal they have an 8ft bed trucks, and to accompany that they have 10ft, 14ft and 16ft trailers. It doesn’t stop there, for those really big jobs they also have a 16ft box truck on their fleet.

26 Mar

Fiber Artist

What is a fiber artist you may be asking yourself, well let me inform you! A fiber artist is someone who uses a medium made of fibers, such as fabric or yarn. If you yourself knits with yarn or crochets than you yourself are a fiber artist! One fiber artist to keep your eye on is Christina Blais. One thing that is unique about her is that she practices free motion quilting. As some of us may know, a sewing machine usually has teeth which guide the item your sewing and there’s only one direction to go. With free motion quilting Christina lowers the “feed dogs”, which means that there’s nothing there to push the fabric along. This allow the quilters hands to move the quilt in ANY direction, right, left, forward or back. Almost anything can be drawn using the free quilting method, you can make simple squiggles, bubbles, triangles, anything you can think of!

Being a fiber artist takes talent and patience, but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t try it at least once! Keep in mind that not all quilters have to use the free motion practice. If you’re more comfortable with those “feed dogs” up, keep them up! Christina has made a name for herself by following this philosophy, “In my work, no subject matter is off limits, nor any construction method.” Don’t let anything stand in your, give being a fiber artist a try!

20 Mar

Boston Dental by Design

We all know that visiting the dentist can be an anxious experience, but at Boston Dental by Design they’re “top priorities is to protect the well-being of our valued patients”. Whether you’re looking for some cosmetic dental work or another type of procedure they’re the place for you. Their staff includes Dr. Dimitris Zourdos and Dr. Tarek Shaib.

Dr. Dimitris Zourdos was born in Upstate New York, but was raised in Greece. He moved from Greece to the United States to begin his journey in studying dentistry at UMass Boston as an undergraduate. He then moved on to Tufts School of Dental Medicine which is where he got his Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2004. Dr. Tarek Shaib was born in Philadelphia which is where he went to Temple University undergraduate program, then moved to Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Shaib gained an invaluable experience in complex procedures and a heightened understanding of the dental progression.

Boston Dental Design keeps up with the latest technology and equipment. Staying up to date helps reduce unnecessary time, pain and noise. Keeping up to date can help with the following:

  • Reducing the time spent in the dentist’s office
  • Decreasing the number of necessary appointments
  • Helping to reduce pain and discomfort during dental visits, and
  • Reducing the noise associated with traditional equipment

Some of the technology in their office is:

    • Cerec 3D
    • Dental Laser
    • Digital Dental X-Ray
    • Intraoral Camera
    • Rotary Endodontics
    • Electric Handpieces
14 Mar

Casco Bay Cleanout

Are you finding yourself in need of a junk removal expert? Now we all have the goals and dreams of cleaning out the garage and bringing all that junk to the junk yard. As we’re all aware our dreams don’t always work out the way we plan. Same yourself some time and hassle and have the junk removal experts at Casco Bay Cleanout come take it away for you!

An added bonus for using Casco Bay Cleanout is that they’re locally owned and operated in Westbrook, Maine. Have no fears, they a full-service, fully insured and bonded junk removal company. They can clean out junk from your attic, basement, garages, aparments, and even house holds. There’s almost no limit to what they’ll haul away for you, some examples are:

  • Oil Tanks
  • Furnaces
  • Furniture
  • Tires
  • Appliances
  • Construction Debris
  • & Much more!

They have a fleet of trucks that come in all sizes! They have equipment that could even handle hauling away hot tubs and sheds! Spring is almost here which means you might be thinking about your spring cleaning projects. Spend more time organizing and cleaning and leaving the hauling to Casco Bay Cleanout.

8 Mar

Color Copies

We are all aware that something colorful tends the catch people’s eye more than something black and white. Don’t let your handouts, invoices, marketing materials or other printed items fall flat, get color copies. Full Court Press is more than capable of helping you with all your color copy needs.

Color copying is the more cost effective choice in comparison with full color printing. To save some cash, print one full color page at your office or have Full Court Press handle it for you, and then copy the rest! Full Court Press is versatile, come in with your original copy or they can directly output from your digital files.

23 Feb

Junk Removal

Have you found yourself in the need for a junk removal company? Casco Bay Cleanout is your company! They’re the local junk removal experts. They’re locally owned and operated right in Westbrook, Maine. They are fully insured, licensed, and bonded so you have piece of mind when they’re handling your junk removal.  They are a full service business that will clean out everything from your attic, basement, garage, apartment, or even a complete household! They’ll haul away almost anything, including furniture, yard waste, tires, construction debris, electronics, furnaces, oil tanks, appliances, garage and household items.

They have a variety of vehicles to choose from to suite each jobs needs. One of their offers is a 8 foot bed truck with a 16ft trailer attached. They also have a 8ft bed truck with a 14ft trailer. Have a little more junk and need a bigger truck? They’re come driving up in a 16ft box truck if necessary. Contact Casco Bay Cleanout for a free estimate today!

It’s almost spring and we all know what that means, spring cleaning! Although some of us may look forward to it, I’m sure there’s a large number of people dreading what they’re going to do with their junk. Use Casco Bay Cleanout for your junk removal needs and rest easy. They’re take it all away in a quick and tidy manner.

22 Feb

Corporate Magician

Perhaps a magician isn’t the first thing that comes to mind putting together a corporate training session, but doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work! We know that it can hard to concentrate on for a long period of time, we try to need to remember that people need to do more than just sit and listen. The whole reason you organize a training session for your company is because you have information you either need to convey or feel it’s important for them to know. Most people have a hard time sitting still for a long period of time and tend to stare off into space. When new things are delivered in an active, interactive, and memorable way it is 2x’s as likely to be remembered.

When it comes to having a magician at your corporate training session Phil Smith knows it’s about more than just having fun. Within these corporate settings, Phil’s techniques enhance the whole learning experience and helps drive the points home! Not only are magic and illusion amazing tools of entertainment, they move learning into the 3rd dimension, which will engage the memory.

Are you thinking about your next team building program? Give Phil a call and he’ll get everyone engaged and interacting. Whether your holding a program about customer service, sales & marketing, or safety and compliance, Phil’s your corporate magician!

19 Feb

State of Mind Design : Embroidery

One of the things that sets State of Mind Design apart when it comes to embroidery is that it’s ALL done IN HOUSE, not our sourced. This is rare to find because most screen printing shops don’t have the equipment to do the embroidery right in house.  Due to them being able to do embroidery in house, they can offer their customers a quick turn around time, while keeping the high quality standards. Not only can they offer quick turn around times, they also have the ability to do small custom orders. Most places have a minimum order when it comes to embroidery, not State of Mind Design.  They can handle everything from small one of a kind projects to large corporate orders, all done in a timely manner.

They can work with your current logo or help you create something specifically for embroidery. They can embroidery on a large selection of items, such as t-shirts, polos, dress shirts, vests, jackets and much more! Not sure if embroidery is the right choice? Bring in your garment/apparel and Scott can help you figure out what would look and work best with your garment and artwork.



13 Feb

Dirt Direct : Salt Delivery

It’s that time of year again, that cold, white, time of year that you might yourself in need of a salt delivery. If you’re located within 20 miles of the Gorham, ME area you’re in luck! Dirt Direct offers sand deliveries! They offer a combo salt and sand option, as well as just bulk road salt deliveries.

They buy the salt at a wholesale price and pass the savings off to you! They have a number of products to meet your surface-melting needs. Perhaps you’re a landscape, excavation contractor, or even a maintenance company or plowing contractor, it may be possible that you’ll be in need of a lot of salt to get through the winter! Contact Dirt Direct today and see how they’ll be able to help you take care of your customers.

Not sure if they will deliver to you? They go as south as York, ME and as north as Brunswick and Bath. Still not sure? Give them a call, they’d love to help you out. Their customers have had some great things to say about them!


9 Feb

ABC Spectrum Preschool

ABC Spectrum Preschool is a preschool located in New Jersey. They serve children from infants and toddlers to kids old enough for kindergarten prep. At this school they implement the HighScope developmental approach to learning. Using this approach, the kids are active learners supported by adults. To learn more about the HighScope approach please feel free to visit their website here.

In addition to their full day and half day preschool programs, ABC Spectrum Preschool gives their parents the options of eight different programs to choose from. They offer a mommy & me program, which are 1 hour sessions for the parent & toddler. During this program they explore language stimulation, motor activities, music & active exploration are incorporated with the security of the child’s primary caretaker.

They also offer a Infant & Toddler programs which is designed for kids from the age of 3 months to 24 months old. They offer the program in 12 or 10 month full day schedule. In this program each kid has a separate playing and sleeping area. While in this program the child will focus on daily care, developmentally appropriate materials & activities as outlined in each child’s individual growth plan.

The Play Group program is offered exclusively to 2 year old kids. It is a 10 month, half day program that focuses on the first school experience, offering up new opportunities to encourage the kids to feel relaxed and comfortable in a new social setting. A goal of the playgroup is to assure each child experiences success. The playgroup program emphasizes preparing each child for preschool the following year.

If you’re feeling like you children needs some extra play time the My Gym of Manalapan’s Mobile Fitness After School Program offeres 8  to 10 weeks of after school sessions through out the entire school year. The program is designed to encourage a healthy and fit way of life, all within a positive environment. What a great way for the students to keep fitness and fun a priority as they participate in a variety of cooperative games, gym relays, and sports skills.

These programs outlined above are not all that ABC Spectrum Preschool has to offer. They also have summer camps and other activities for your children. If you’re in the Manalapan, New Jersey area and looking for a preschool, check them out.