31 Aug

Alexander McCann Law Offices

Are you looking for a lawyer that can help you with a workers’ compensation case, or a personal injury case? Alex McCann can help you with your case! Alex McCann specializes in workers’ compensation, personal injury law, and employment discrimination. Alex McCann has been practicing personal injury cases for over 26 years in Southern Maine. He also has been practicing workers’ compensation law for more than 16 years. Alex McCann likes to keep his approach straight-forward while working with his clients. He also makes it an effort to feel like his clients are being listened too and have them feel cared about. Where as in big law firms, clients do not really get listened too and they get pushed around.

Alex McCann’s goal is to get his clients back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. He fights for the working people to get them what they truly deserve. Specializing in workers’ compensation, employment discrimination and personal injury law allows Alex to understand the finer points of his clients’ cases.

If any of this seems to be of your need then contact Alex McCann at (207) 773-7772 or via email at info@alexmccannlaw.com. Or be sure to visit Alex McCann’s website!